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A.the main performance characteristics:
1. Rubber Pad wheel flexible features, and therefore the surface of hard plastic pipe standard to India will enable the full standard printed word. Clear.
2. Rubber Pad can micro-adjust embossing wheel power to get the best printing results marked.
3. Printing ink marked on the wheel, and scraping ink device easy to operate, stable and reliable.
4. Cooling water drying device can ensure the normal printing process.
5. In order to maintain proper ink viscosity, thinner profile cup drops to control the drop out rate of diluent, so that the process of standard printing ink viscosity to maintain a certain range.
6. Applicable to a wide range of standard diameters and India, can be adapted to the diameter ∮ 10-250mm range.
B.Structure Description:
This machine from the fuselage. Pad wheel. Roller pump and air drying device composed of four parts. Body parts: from the base. Gear column. Column sets. Composed of two sets of worm boxes, plastic extrusion machine according to center height from the ground, adjust the height of the machine work. Pad Wheel Parts: The parts from the standard printing wheel. Pad wheel. Driving wheel.
Scraping ink devices, character devices and drip cup wheel clutch parts such as bodies, and a printing wheel fine-tuning institutions so that printing wheel in order to take the initiative to the direction of axis as a fulcrum for a high degree of fine-tuning.
Roller components: from care axle. Roller. Compression spring. Roller washer. Hand-wheels, and of parts.

C.Main technical parameters
1, rewinding diameter: 400mm
2, maximum speed: 0.5 ~ 10m/min
3, winding width: 300mm
4, winding tubes: Φ14 ~ Φ32mm
5, air pressure: 0.6MPa
6, Dimension: 2600 × 1200 × 1500mm

7, weight: ~ 1000 kg

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