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Extrusion die
1, PP-R tube die: Specification ф20-160 Mold Type: blue-type, spiral type molding tool.
Mold features:
---Melt flow rate to achieve the desired uniformity of the mechanical and thermal uniformity.
---No core mold bracket, so that production of rhyolite occur frequently disappear.
---The pressure low consumption, high output, output can be achieved out of the amount of 80%.
---A compact body, the connection is reasonable, easy to replace.
---Using high-quality mold steel.
---Using stainless steel or copper water ring sizing sleeve.
2, PE tube die: Specification: ф10-630 mold pattern; stent type, screw type, blue-type, co-extruded composite mold. Scope of application: water pipes, gas pipe, heat pipe anti-corrosion, heat pipe, jacket tube
3, PVC tube die: Specification: ф10-630 PVC Spiral foam molds 50-160 (a multi-purpose machine). Replacement die, mandrel inside the coil to produce foam, solid wall inside the spiral tube, solid wall pipe, foam pipe.

4, plate die: Specification: thickness :0.15-30mm width :200-2000mm.

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