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Cutting machine
1, Working principle
When the tube reaches the set length, the control system will automatically command, clamping cylinder action, clamping the tube, push the cutting table synchronized movement. Pipe 1 is clamped, cutting electric start, so that high-speed rotating blade, and then cutting the cylinder moves, so that saw blade upward lift on the pipe to be cut. When the saw blade to cut off the tube and reach the pre-adjusted, after a good trip (by the time relay control), cutting electrical shut down, cutting cylinder reset, so that cutting blade back to its original location. After a certain time delay, the clamping cylinder reset, clamping block rises, release the tube, and then reset the cylinder moves, pushing the cutting units back to the original position, waiting for the start of the next round of cutting.
Cutting speed (that is, saw the rise in speed) by adjusting the cylinder intake throttle valve to regulate the one-way road, adjusting screw into rotation, the pressure decreases, cutting slow; on the contrary, adjusting screw spin out, the pressure increases , cutting speed, is becoming faster.
2, Operation
(1) connected to gas source, solenoid valve on the hand-press buttons, try the cylinder is flexible, normal.
(2) connected to the power, start motor, check the blade turning is correct, then check the panel on the automatic, manual and emergency stop buttons are normal.
(3) Subject to all normal, press the start button, and so the tube onto the shelves stacked limit switch, it will send a signal, this time cutting machine began its work will be done automatically complete cutting step, cutting machine can be manually cut, as long as the press manual button.
3, Maintenance
(1) cutting machine blades can not be turned around, saw blade will come off and damaged.
(2) cutting machine guide column must always be clean up debris and chips.
(3) guide rail, guide pillar to maintain regular lubrication, about twice a week, plus oil.
(4) maintenance must be cut off the power and gas sources in order to repair.

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